Selling Tips

Method of sale

Choosing the correct method of sale is critical. Understanding the process rather than focusing on the result will ensure the best possible outcome. Your agent should be able to identify the correct method and explain why this method best suits your home. If the method can not be clearly articulated and or executed, than it is unlikley the result of the sale will be maximised.


Presentation is paramount to achieveing a succesful outcome. Most incredible results are achieved when a buyer has an emotional attachment to the property. To ensure a buyer falls in love with your home, you will need to present it at its best. Seeking professional help may be an option.

Belief and energy – agent and vendor

We can assure you if your agent is selling your property and does not believe in your property, does not believe in he or she skills, does not believe that a property can be sold above what other comparable properties have sold for, then there is really only one result. A mediocre one. In our view Belief is the foundation of absolutely any idea, positive result, or achievement. As a vendor you will need to approach the sale of your home with optimism and an open mind. Approaching the sale half heartedly, in most cases will generate a negative outcome. In some cases you will need to make a decision that may help maximise your properties potential – these decisions are best made with a positive and open.